Dual balanced armatures Made in solid stainless steel Certified high-resolution earphones


VAT included

Delivery 2-4 working days Warranty: 2 year
Type Reference earphones
Sound impression Balanced, detailed, reference sound
Remote Type Three-button remote
Microphone MEMS technology
Operating system iOS, Windows, Android
Driver Type Custom dual balanced armatures
Sensitivity 103 dB @ 1 kHz

50 Ohm @ 1 kHz

Frequency response

5 - 20 000 Hz (Ear simulator)

8 - 16 000 Hz (+/- 5 dB)

5 - 40 000 Hz (Full performance)

Full earphone performance measured in free space.


Material Stainless Steel
Finish PVD Matte
Isolation -40dB @ 2kHz
Cord Type Exchangeable Kevlar cable
Length 120 cm (47in)

Gold plated L-shaped 3.5mm

(1/8 in) + Custom threaded



Our finest achievement

q-JAYS reference earphones are our finest and most precise instruments we have made till date. Made with the intention of crafting the world’s finest earphones, q-JAYS is built to deliver the most authentic and detailed sound experience possible. Its perfect timbre and high-resolution details were made possible by integrating advanced audio engineering with various state-of-the-art development techniques such as Metal Injection Molding, CNC and laser cutting. This is q-JAYS, our finest and most precise achievement till date. Engineered like a set of reference loudspeaker monitors, q-JAYS feature dual speakers built into each side, one for low frequencies and one for midrange and highs. Each speaker renders its dedicated frequency spectrums relaxed and naturally reproducing perfectly accurate tones. Thanks to its custom drivers and a new crossover filter, you will enjoy a seamless frequency response without irregularities often found in many larger multiple driver systems.
JAYS Headphones Global
JAYS Headphones Global

Solid stainless steel for durability

Bigger isn’t always better. q-JAYS housing is designed to be remarkably small and sturdy. The durable and precisely manufactured fine-tolerance stainless steel housing brings out every last detail of the drivers with absolute accuracy. A matt proprietary scratch-resistant anti-fingerprint coating gives the q-JAYS their charcoal black look. q-JAYS are the world’s smallest earphones made with exchangeable cables. Despite its small form factor, we have managed to implement reliable, custom-made threaded connectors in each housing. With options for dedicated 3.5mm connector cable modules for Audio Only (without remote box), iOS, Windows or Android, choose the solution that best fits your needs and get to enjoy a pair of earphones that last longer.

Certified high-resolution earphones

q-JAYS Reference earphones has been certified by the Japan Audio Society as Hi-Res Audio instruments. The certificate is a seal of quality, awarding products capable of reproducing the fine details in Hi-Res Audio, which for digital audio is from 24bit/96kHz and above. The q-JAYS are able to reproduce an incredible amount of resolution and fine details throughout the entire frequency range. q-JAYS, with its high dynamic range, are also capable of unveiling the subtle details in the high frequency bandwidth up to 40 000 Hz and above. Reclaim the music and hear what you’ve been missing. Measuring in-ear earphones using ear simulators give a realistic portrait of what we are hearing, however the method is usually unable to detect frequencies above 20 000 Hz. By using Hi-Res microphones and measuring earphones in free space, higher frequencies can be detected and the earphones’ full performance measured.
JAYS Headphones Global

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